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Core Values

We have developed a set of core values which underpin all of Cheshire’s work. Each value is defined through a value statement which summarises how Cheshire puts each value into practice. These values should be evident in everything that Cheshire does, both within the organisation and its services and where Cheshire interacts with other organisations and individuals.

Value Value Statement
To be person-centred Cheshire works to a person-centred approach so that the expressed needs, choices and valued outcomes of individual service users are at the centre of service delivery, planning and evaluation.
To listen & learn Cheshire recognises the importance of open and continuous communication with all stakeholders. In particular, we value the learning to be gained through listening to people who use, or who would wish to use, Cheshire services.
To respect dignity & privacy Cheshire recognises and respects the right to dignity and privacy of all service users, staff and volunteers.
To be accountable & effective Cheshire is committed to clear accountability and transparency concerning all of its actions and to providing services which deliver value-for-money.
To be responsive & flexible Cheshire aims to be flexible, innovative and responsive to the changing needs of its service users and other stakeholders.
To promote partnership Cheshire works in partnership with internal and external stakeholders to develop good practice and to achieve mutually agreed and beneficial outcomes.
To improve continuously Cheshire is committed to developing and supporting a culture of continuous quality improvement.
To value diversity & potential Cheshire believes in promoting an equal opportunities environment which welcomes difference and values diversity; an environment within which both service users and staff can maximise their potential and contribution.

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