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For login details please email info@cheshire.ie

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to providing the very best of service in all areas, including having this web site as accessibility friendly as possible. Please contact us if there are any issues which restrict your access to the site.

Searching the site

As the search facility to the top left uses Javascript to execute the searches, we have put in place an alternative search here for those who prefer to surf with Javascript disabled.

Google Custom Search

Larger Text

Those who prefer to read larger text may adjust the text size using the browser controls, as shown below:

  • In Internet Explorer this is View > Text Size > Larger/Largest or Ctrl+
  • In Netscape or Firefox this is View > Text Size > Increase

No Style sheets

This site has been designed with style sheets so if the design colours or layout present a problem, the style sheet can be turned off, as shown below:

  • In Netscape & Firefox this is done using View > Page Style > No Style options.
  • In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility and select check boxes to ignore colours, styles and size options.

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