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Service Design Course 2008

"Since 2005, a number of Cheshire staff have attended the “Optimal Individualised Service Design” course presented by Dr Michael Kendrick.  I think its fair to say that what people have learned on this unique course has played a key role in how this organisation has changed over the last 2-3 years.  In particular, the course has helped us focus on the issues around individualised services and the challenges which this approach poses for traditional residential services.  As a result, a number of people using our services have directly benefited from this learning through better living arrangements.

Recently, Michael has conducted a review of our Lifestyle Project in the Barrett Cheshire House and partly as a result of his feedback, we have asked Michael to present a special version of his course for Cheshire staff in September/October this year.  This course provides a great  opportunity for another group of committed staff to hear, learn and practice individualised service planning – something which is key to the success of our planned developments in the Barrett and other services over the next 2 years."

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