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Complaints Management

The views and experiences of people using our services are of the upmost importance to Cheshire Ireland. For that reason, in January 2010, Cheshire Ireland launched its new Complaints Management System throughout all of its services.

We encourage and welcome people living in our services, their families, friends, advocates, and the general public to speak out about complaints and provide feedback about any aspect of the service we provide. The information we receive from complaints and feedback will provide an opportunity us to learn and improve as an organisation and help us to provide people with a better service.

Complaints can be made using the Complaints and Feedback form located below and available in all services. Cheshire Ireland has developed a comprehensive policy and set of accompanying procedures (located below) relating to complaints and their management. Information booklets for both residents and staff are also located below, containing relevant information such as:

  • What is a Complaint / What is Feedback
  • How you can make a complaint or provide feedback
  • Why it is important to “speak up” if you have a complaint or feedback
  • Who you can contact if you have a complaint or want to give feedback
  • How complaints and feedback will be dealt with
  • Possible outcomes having made a complaint

We strive to foster an environment where we complaints and feedback are welcomed and encouraged and people are supported to speak up about the things that concern them.

If you have any queries regarding the Cheshire Ireland Complaints Management System, please contact the Service Quality Team on 01-2974100.

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