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Supported Accommodation Services

Up until the 1990s, the accommodation service provided by Cheshire took the form of a “traditional” residential Home. However, over the course of the last decade and in response to what service users were telling us and as a result of our own evaluative and qualitative research, Cheshire’s model of service provision has changed and expanded. Today, all of our centres aim to facilitate people to live as independently as possible and with the maximum degree of choice as to how they live their lives. Over recent years, we have developed new centres around the country where people with disabilities live in their own apartments within a small complex with support, as required, from Cheshire staff. Many of our older centres have been refurbished in line with this policy. All of these positive developments fit with the type of service provision recommended in the Report of the Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities and the Department of Health policy document, Towards an Independent Future.

Currently, more than one-third of Cheshire service users live in self-contained accommodation. Additional services in line with this model of life-time adaptable housing are in the course of development.

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