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Volunteering at Cheshire

Cheshire Ireland appreciates and values volunteers as an intrinsic and vital resource in its centres and encourages volunteers to become involved in a variety of practical ways across the organisation.

We need your help! Maybe you have two hours per week or fortnight to spare?

As a volunteer with Cheshire Ireland you could be:

  • a visiting volunteer
  • a volunteer driver
  • provide companionship in a person’s own home within the community

Cheshire Ireland aims to provide volunteering opportunities that are fulfilling and engaging and allow volunteers to use their skills and talents to the greatest effect. All volunteers are properly trained before they begin to provide support and are respected for the time and effort they contribute.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for residential European volunteers (mostly under the European Voluntary Service or EVS scheme) in full-time supporting roles for up to 12-months. We also provide school or college placements/internships as well as places under government-run work placements/internship schemes.    

Volunteers enhance the services provided by Cheshire Ireland to enable life-enrichment for service users. Volunteers provide the back-up link to enable service users to access their local environments. Volunteers widen the horizon for service users and assist in building vital community connections to enable active citizenship.    

If you are interested in volunteering at Cheshire Ireland, please contact the service manager in the Cheshire location most convenient to you. We have services across Ireland - check out the locations and contact details at http://www.cheshire.ie/centres


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